Story telling

Sarah and Mark aka Bertie the Clown loves stories and loves to help out telling stories. However some of his tricks and props that he uses are a cause for great amusement and will incite any crowd young and old to laughter.

The photographs below are from an outside service at Low Furness School Urswick on the day of Pentacost. Here Mark is telling the Story of Peter on his un-successful night of fishing when Jesus tells him to cast his net on the other side. John 21:3 to 25. It was from this time onwards that Peter led the disciples and formed them into a church.
Here Mark is dressed as a knight because he mis-heard the story. Sarah said, "One night ...." Mark is also wearing a waist coat full of fish as Peter was a fisher man - mis-heard as fish man!??? Children joining in the telling of the story as the rest of the disciples in the boat. Mark and Sarah both openly encourage audience participation particularly from children.
Mark waiting for the fish that never come ... Mark trying to pull in the fish ... Recapping the finer points of the story from the bible for the children and adults.