Performed during the summer holidays 2009 in Croftlands Junior School

Basic Background:

This holiday club is based as the names implies at the seaside. So we need a seaside stage set along with things associated with the seaside.

The story is taken from the view of Peter – the Rock – as Jesus referred to him. Peter was an amazing man and the New Testament is full of stories about him, as well as containing some of his writings. He was kind-hearted, quick, forceful, hopeful, impulsive and a man of extremes. Peter wore his heart on his sleeve – it got him into trouble at times, but it also brought the praise of Jesus. He was the first disciple to pronounce that Jesus was the Messiah, yet, when Peter challenged his path to the cross, Jesus had to say to him, “Get behind me Satan!”

During the week we'll follow the highs and lows of Peter's friendship with Jesus. Each story points to Jesus as the Saviour and the source of Peter's hope and joy.

Themes for the week

Day 1

Peter the Rock

Key bible passages Luke 5:1-11, Matthew 16: 13-20

Aims for the day:-

To introduce Peter as the main character of the week, and to show how Jesus changed Peter's name because of his faith.

Peter introduces himself as Simon. He tells how Jesus called him to follow him, and eventually renamed him ‘Rocky' or Peter.

Key story 1: Jesus calling Peter – Luke 5:1-11

Key story 2: Peter's testimony – Matthew 16:13-20

Key belief: Jesus loves everyone, even tough people like Peter.


Day 2

The wise and foolish builders

Key bible passages Matthew 7:24-27; 14:22-32

Aims for the day:-

To tell the story of the wise and foolish builders and apply it to the children's lives and to show the children they are loved by Jesus.

Peter introduces his house and retells the story of the wise and foolish builders (briefly outlining some of Jesus' practical teaching about anger and bad words from the Sermon on the Mount – two things close to Peter's experience).

Key story: The wise and foolish builders - Matthew 7:24-27. Note Peter's experience of walking on the water is tied into this parable - Matthew 14:22-32

Key belief: Jesus wants us to listen to him and obey.


Day 3

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law

Key bible passage Matthew 8:14,15

Aims for the day:-

To tell the story of Jesus healing Peter's mother-in-law, and to show that Jesus, the Son of God, has the power to heal and that he loves Families.

Peter tells how Jesus came to his house to see his mother-in-law and healed her. (Peter also relates one or two other miracles that convince him of who Jesus is)

Key story: The healing of Peter's mother-in-law - Matthew 8:14,15.

Key belief: Jesus is powerful and he is interested in ordinary families.


Day 4

Peter and the cross

Key bible passages Matthew 26:17-35, 58, 69-75

Aims for the day:-

To tell the story of Peter's denial and Jesus' death, and to show that Jesus' death makes it possible for our sin, to be forgiven.

Peter tells of his denial and Jesus' crucifixion using the symbols of bread and wine – Peter relates how he really let Jesus down, and how Jesus died to forgive him!

Key story 1: The Last Supper – Mark 14:12-26

Key story 2: Peter and the cross of Jesus - Matthew 26:31-35, 58, 69-75

Key belief: We let Jesus down, just like Peter did. Jesus died so that we can be forgiven and know God as our special friend.


Day 5

The rock that lives

Key bible passages John 21:1-19, 1 Peter 2:4-8

Aims for the day:-

To tell the story of how Jesus forgave Peter and gave him a special job; to tell the children that Jesus is alive and wants us to follow him; to show that Jesus is the Rock that lives.

Peter tells us of Jesus' resurrection, and how Jesus forgave him on the beach. Peter relates Jesus' warning of persecution, and encourages us with his words in 1 Peter that Jesus is the Rock that lives.

Key story 1: Breakfast on the beach – John 21:1-19

Key story 2: Peter's words about Jesus the living rock – 1 Peter 2:4-8



Good Morning and welcome to the seaside.
Chillin by the rock pool
Nice house Gray!!
come on help me do this
Heather with the Weather
To day it is going to ....
Our God is a Great Big God
Wonderful Lord
Sea 'n' weed
Fancy Dress Day
The winer is...
Run, run, run
Craft room
Heather what strange weather we are having
Pete - as Peter talking to the children
Peter the Rock
Indoor games - rain outside!!
Picnic time
Water fight