Performed during the summer holidays 2010 in Croftlands Junior School

Basic Background:

Rocky's Plaice is based around the character of Peter and the stories of the early church. Each day we meet Peter and another key character from these early days of the church, who retell their amazing stories. Together with the children we will learn what it means to be part of Jesus' chosen people.


  • Tell the amazing story of how God established the first Christian Churches .
  • Help children understand the key concepts that characterised the early Christian Church.
  • Invite children to follow Jesus and become an active part of his body, the church.
  • Provide a fast moving, fun and action-packed holiday club programme. .

Themes for the week

Day 1 - Ascension

Key word: Hope

Key story: The Ascension Acts 1:1-11

Key theme: Jesus is coming back one day.

Peter: Peter meets James in Rocky's Plaice and they retell the story of the Ascension. They reveal how this story filled them with hope.

Key points: This day helps set the scene for the coming days. It includes a brief recap of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Jesus gives the disciples hope of His return and the coming of God's Holy Spirit. Jesus gives people hope, even when things are tough.

Key verse: Acts 1:11

Day 2 - Pentecost

Key word: Be filled

Key story: Pentecost Acts 2:1-17

Key theme: Jesus offers His Holy Spirit to His followers.

Peter: Peter meets Priscilla in Rocky's Plaice and they retell the story of the Day of Pentecost. They explore what it felt like to be filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time!

Key points: Peter received the power that God promised. The church was born! This day contains an introduction to who God the Holy Spirit is, and that he loves filling His people with power to live for Him.

Key verse: Acts 2:39

Day 3 - The man who couldn't walk

Key word: Have faith

Key story: Peter and John heal a man who couldn't walk Acts 3:1-21 (and John 3:16)

Key theme: Having faith in Jesus Christ brings eternal life.

Peter: Peter meets John in Rocky's Plaice and they retell the story of the day God used them to heal a man who couldn't walk. They recount how it gave them a great opportunity to tell the people around them the good news!

Key points: The good news about Jesus is for all people, including the children in Rocky's Plaice. The session includes a section on how Jesus died so we might be forgiven.

Key verse: Acts 3:19

Day 4 - Dorcas

Key word: Love

Key story: The story of Dorcas Acts 9:36-43

Key theme: Jesus' followers should be a loving caring community who reach out in love.

Peter: Peter meets Dorcas in Rocky's Plaice and they retell the story of how she loved people because she loved God.

Key points: Jesus loves people! Jesus' command to love other people became a major priority for the early church. God wants us to show His love to the world by loving the people around us.

Key verse: Acts 9:36

Day 5 - Cornelius

Key word: Tell

Key story: The story of Cornelius Acts 10:1-29, 34, 44, 45

Key theme: Jesus' followers are called to tell the world about Jesus!

Peter: Peter meets Cornelius in Rocky's Plaice and they retell the story of how God sent Peter to Cornelius so he, and subsequently people across the world, could discover the good news.

Key points: The church and the good news is for everyone. This is a pivotal moment in church history as the message of Jesus went to the non-Jews for the first time.

Key verse: Acts 10:34,35