Performed during the summer holidays 2012 in Croftlands Junior School and at Low Furness School.

The Photos were taken at Croftlands.

Basic Background:

On Your Marks is based around stories of Jesus from Mark's gospel. Each day the children will meet Jesus as he calls his disciples, demonstrates his healing power, shows his authority and reveals himself as the Son of God. Children will discover and begin to experience what it is like to be a member of the team that has Jesus as the leader.


  • Explain who Jesus is and what he came to do as he lived on earth.
  • Give children the opportunity to respond to Jesus.
  • Allow them to hear what it means to be a Christian, as they talk with adult Christians.
  • Create a fun programme where children will feel welcomed and valued.

Themes for the week

Sunday Service 1: Opening Ceremony

Key passage: Mark 9:33-37

Key theme: Jesus teaches his team that to be great they must be humble, like a child. This is part of the cost of God's kingdom.

Key aims: To discover that a good team member will follow Jesus as their role model in humility. To kick off On Your Marks .

Day 1: Making the Team – Monday

Key passage: Mark 1:14-20; 2:13-17; 3:13-19

Key theme: Jesus, the team captain, calls his disciples to follow him.

Key aims: To learn how Jesus is leader of the team and invites us to join him. To understand what an adventure it is to be on his team – then and now!

Day 2: Shaping the Team – Tuesday

Key passage: Mark 10:46-52

Key theme: Jesus demonstrates his healing power to Bartimaeus who shows faith, persistence and trust.

Key aims: To learn more about Jesus' healing power. To understand how Jesus is interested in individual lives and will help us – if we trust him.

Day 3: Inspiring the Team – Wednesday

Key passage: Mark 9:2-13 (and 8:27-30)

Key theme: Jesus reveals himself as the Son of God – truly a gold-medal person in everything!

Key aims: To find out how Jesus reveals himself as ‘the Christ' and to make a response. To discover that being a good team member includes following a worthy leader.

Day 4: Challenging the Team – Thursday

Key passage: Mark 6:45-52 (Matthew 14:22-32)

Key theme: Jesus walks on water and Peter steps out in faith.

Key aims: To see how Jesus demonstrates his power and authority. To know that being on Jesus' team means being ready to ‘step out of the boat'.

Day 5: Sticking to the Team – Friday

Key passage: Mark 4:1-9, 14-20

Key theme: Those who listen, accept and respond to Jesus' message will bear fruit spiritually.

Key aims: To Understand the meaning of the parable of the sower. To learn how to keep going on Jesus' team so we can bear fruit.

Sunday Service 2: Closing Ceremony

Key passage: Mark 14-16

Key theme: The gospel message.

Key aims: To discover how to be a member of the ultimate team. To round off On Your Marks.