Performed during the summer holidays 2011 in Croftlands Junior School

Basic Background:

Mission Rescue is based around the stories about God, Moses and the Israelites from Exodus 1 15, and how God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt . Each day, the children will encounter another episode in the story and explore how God set out to rescue His people in many different ways. Through these stories and themes, the children will also meet Jesus God's ultimate rescue plan.


  • Help children discover that God has a plan to save and rescue His people
  • Invite each and every child to explore what this rescue mission means for them and to encourage them to respond in appropriate ways
  • Create a fun programme where children will feel welcomed and valued

Themes for the week

Mission Extra 1: God's Mission Sunday 1

Key passage: Exodus 1

Key aims: To see that God's people were in trouble but to discover that God had a rescue plan

To kick off Mission Rescue

Key story: We discover the trouble God's people were in, but look forward to God's rescue mission swinging into action

Mission 1: Undercover Monday

Key passage: Exodus 2:1 - 10

Key aims: To discover that God has a plan to rescue His people

To start to understand that God protects us

To welcome the children, start building relationships and have fun together

Key story: God rescues Moses, preparing him for the rescue mission

Mission 2: Your mission, should you choose to accept it Tuesday

Key passage: Exodus 3:1 15 (and 11 25 for the 8 11 year olds)

Key aims: To realise that God speaks and listens, and will give us everything we need

To continue to build relationships with the children, and to welcome those who are new to the club today

Key story: God meets with Moses and gives him the mission to bring His people out of Egypt . He gives Moses everything he'll need to carry out the mission

Mission 3: Mission abort? Wednesday

Key passage: Exodus 5:1 21 (retold); 5:22 6:13

Key aims: To find out God is in control, even when it doesn't look like it

To continue to build relationships with the children, and to welcome those who are new to the club today

Key story: Moses starts his mission, but isn't able to persuade Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. Pharaoh makes life worse because of Moses' actions, but God promises that he will rescue His people. The confrontation begins!

Mission 4: Mission Accomplished Thursday

Key passage: Exodus 7 10 retold; Exodus 11; 12:39 32,33 - 42

Key aims: To explore what it means that God rescues and saves, and to respond to God's rescue mission

To continue to build relationships with the children, and to welcome those who are new to the club today

Key story: After the first nine plagues, God's final plague on the Egyptians finally forces Pharaoh to let the people go. God's words are not empty He dose what He says He will do. God's people are saved by sacrificing a lamb and spreading its blood on the door posts. They share the first Passover together, celebrating God's rescue.

Mission 5: Escape! Friday

Key passage: Exodus 14:1 - 29

Key aims: To be amazed at how powerful God is and at what he can do, and to respond appropriately

To provide a fun final day of the programme for children and to encourage them to return to the Sunday service and other future events

Key Story: God rescues the Israelites from the chasing Egyptians by miraculously parting the Red Sea . When there was no way out that the Israelites could see, God provided one, using Moses as the instrument for this final rescue of the story. God's people are free!

Mission Extra 2: Mission Debrief Sunday 2

Key passage: Exodus 15:1 - 18

Key aims: To give thanks to God for all He has done, and to look forward to God's plans in the future

To celebrate Mission Rescue

Keystory: Moses and the Israelites celebrate their rescue by God and the success of His mission. We too can celebrate! We can thank God for the Mission Rescue club and all we have learned. We can look forward, too, to our continuing relationship with Him and our part in His plans.