Croftlands Holiday Club is from Monday 21st July to Friday 25th July with a Holiday Club Family Service on Sunday 27th July.

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Basic Background:

In the Beginning is based on exploring the first few chapters of the book of Genesis - the first book of the Bible. Each day the children will see and hear what happened as God Created the world, how he created people and how they fell. We will also be looking at the story of Noah and the flood and about what happened afterwards.


  • To look at the world around us that God has given us to enjoy.
  • To hear and see for sin first entered the world and the impact that is has.
  • Give children the opportunity to respond to Jesus.
  • Allow them to hear what it means to be a Christian, as they talk with adult Christians.
  • Create a fun programme where children will feel welcomed and valued.

Themes for the week

Day 1: A Good Start (creation) – Monday  

Content: God makes the world. Genesis 1:1-25  

Teaching Aim: By his word, God made everything perfect, out of nothing.  

Response Aim: The children will look carefully at the world around them and learn about the Creator.

Memory Verse: God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31a


Day 2: Mankind is the Best (Adam and Eve) – Tuesday  

Content: God makes people in his own image. Genesis 1:26-2:35

Teaching Aim: God gave people a special place in creation to be like him.  

Response Aim: The children will know that God made them special so they can love and serve him.

Memory Verse: God created man in his own image Genesis 1:27


Day 3: Everything is Spoiled (the fall) – Wednesday  

Content: Adam and Eve disobey God and sin enters the world. Genesis 3

Teaching Aim: God's world was spoiled by sin and so all people are separated from God.  

Response Aim: The children will recognise their sin separates them from God and want it to be taken away.

Memory Verse: Sin entered the world through one man, and…death came to all men, because all sinned. Romans 5:12a


Day 4: Saved from the Flood (Noah and the Flood) – Thursday 

Content: God judges the world be sending a flood, but God saves Noah and his family. Genesis 6:5-7:24

Teaching Aim: God punishes sin but will save those who trust him. 

Response Aim: The children will understand they can escape the punishment their sin deserves.

Memory Verse: Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved. Acts 16:31


Day 5: A New Start (after the flood) – Friday  

Content: The flood recedes and Noah's family begin their new life. Genesis 8:1-9:17

Teaching Aim: God has promised he will always provide everything the world needs.  

Response Aim: The children will learn to see more of what God had done in the world.

Memory Verse: As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. Genesis 8:22