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Holiday Club @ Home

Each day a new video will be posted from the Holiday Club @ Home team for you to watch at home with your family. We have:- Singing, Kelly Kangaroo, Stacey and Lacey, Crafts, Bible Stories and Reflection time - plus Sarah and Mark will be there too. So why not come and join us from Monday 20th July to Friday 24th July.
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Day 1  

It has been brought to our attention that some people are having difficulties viewing the daily video's, for this we are sorry. We have made every effort to make sure that as many people as possible can view them on as many different devices as possible - phones, tablets, computers etc.

However it might be that:-

* So many people are trying to view them at the same time the server cannot cope with the demand. (perhaps try later in the day)

* It maybe that parental settings on children's device's or your firewall settings may be set at a level that is blocking the video's.

* On certain Apple/iPad devices that use Safari there is a problem but Google Chrome works.


If you can only view them on a phone you might be able to 'cast' or remote project or MirrorShare to a TV (using an Amazon Firestick for example).

We do hope that you are able at some point to see the videos.

We would have posted the video's to YouTube but then we would not be able to use the songs. Please keep trying. Thank you for your patience.


Day 2  
Day 3  
Day 4  
Day 5